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The largest wind farms in the world

Wind energy is one of the rapidly developing branches of alternative energy. Its rate of development is surpassed only by solar energy. The use of large turbines, specially designed for the most efficient work, makes it possible to transform a passing breeze into energy for our homes, offices, industrial premises and transport.

I can not believe it? Here are a few staggering facts about wind power from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

As of early 2013, there were 225 thousand wind turbines in the world;

One 6 Megawatts marine wind turbine can supply clean electricity to 5.5 thousand households;

Wind tunnels satisfied about 30% of Denmark’s energy needs in 2012. The Danish government intends to bring this figure to 50% by 2020 and plans completely !!! go to renewable energy sources by 2050.

By 2020, the expected level of employment in wind energy in the EU labor market is estimated at 520 thousand jobs. By 2030, this figure will increase to 795 thousand jobs (62% of employees will be engaged in offshore projects).

To date, US wind farms produce enough electricity to power more than 11 million households, and also offer at least 75,000 jobs in the areas of production, construction and maintenance.

The above facts clearly illustrate that the wind is not only fresh air; this is a revolution in energy, giving us the energy necessary for development without the need to pollute our living environment with you. This is the technology of the future.


1. Alta Wind Energy Center – Kern County, California

Alta Wind is the largest wind farm in the United States. The complex is rapidly developing and by the end of 2013 produces more than 1.5 GW of clean energy, which allows to meet the needs of 450 thousand households.



2. Gansu Wind Farm – China

This is a group of large wind farms, also called the Jiukwan Vetro Park, which is being built in the province of Hansa in western China. The capacity of 5 GW will be increased to 20 GW by 2020. After the completion of the project, the entire project will become the largest wind farm in the world.

3. London Array – United Kingdom

Open summer 2013, the London Array (London Array) is still the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Located in the Thames Delta, the Array generates 630 MW of electricity, which is enough to power 470,000 homes. In total, British offshore wind farms produce more than 3.6 GW and will increase generation to 18 GW by 2020.


4. Jaisalmer Wind Farm – India

This is the largest wind power project in India. Created by Suzlon Energy and put into operation in August 2001. In 2005, Jaisalmer reached 1 GW of installed capacity, which made it one of the largest wind farms in the world.

Undoubtedly, the future of large wind-generating complexes – this will allow mankind to get rid of the burning of fossil fuels. But sometimes positive moments are also manifested on a small scale. We present to your attention innovative windmills.

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