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Telephony, PBX design

Telephony, PBX design

Your goal is to reduce costs, efficiency of communications, full function communication and customer satisfaction?

You want to buy a PBX, you need to program, design and install, configure, connect and maintain the PBX, as well as the organization of telephony and the installation of a telephone exchange?

The SHAMS Science Center will make your work more effective through unified communications.

We provide all the services for installing automatic telephone exchanges:

  • help in choosing the best PBX system
  • recommendations when choosing a PBX solution and communication services
  • delivery of equipment and necessary licenses
  • installation of all necessary systems
  • hardware platform installation
  • software configuration
  • demonstration and training to work with the system

Modern office and digital automatic telephone exchanges have a number of advantages:

Modular structure. Such a system allows you to activate only the necessary applications with their functions if necessary;

  • High level of protection;
  • The ability to encrypt both voice and data transmitted through the PBX;
  • Remote control;
  • Modern equipment makes possible the full programming and administration of automatic telephone exchanges by remote specialists.
  • Since the protection systems have a high coefficient, this will allow the company not to keep a dedicated service worker in its staff, but to entrust this work to a specialized company;
  • The ability to regularly update the ATC, both software and more advanced modules and devices;
  • Good interchangeability and compatibility as preinstalled, and additional software solutions, even if they are from different manufacturers;
  • Support for modern communication protocols and existing standards.

Collaboration with the SHAMS Science Center is:

  • Optimization of economic costs.
  • A wide range of services, high qualification, efficiency of service and efficiency – guarantee a reduction in operating costs;
  • Operative problem solving. Sometimes there are difficulties for ordinary office workers, which may be associated with the operation or adjustment of the PBX. Specialists will be able to resolve any problems in the shortest possible time or give the necessary advice;
  • Professional technical support. In the event of real material damage to the network due to an accident or vandalism, the specialist will be able to fully repair the damaged equipment or replace it.
  • Looking for a connection to the office? You need to install a Panasonic digital PBX or design a call center, or connect a PBX – contact the SHAMS Science Center

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