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We make unique, modern sites that are capable of giving the necessary impetus to the development of your business.

Beginning of work

  1. Acquaintance. In the process of creating sites in Uzbekistan our team is looking for an individual approach to each client. We do not work on a template, but we make unique decisions for specific requests. However, enough words, let’s get acquainted. A cozy office and a cup of delicious coffee from us will help together to find the best solution for your business.
  2. Development of the site concept. OOO Science Center Shams is practicing Agile technology, when the whole team is connected to work on the site at the concept stage. As a result, the client in the early stages of work already gets a worked out concept.
  3. Discuss the project with the customer and make a decision. Creation of sites in Uzbekistan from the company OOO Scientific Center Shams is the most open process. We enable the customer to participate in the discussion and development of the site at all stages. We are always ready to listen to your ideas, and also offer yours in order to immediately find mutual understanding for the successful passage of the project in all stages. Thus, the client always knows what and how we will do and already at the stage of the concept approval the client gets a common vision of the forthcoming works and actions from our studio.


Website design development

  1. Drawing layouts. The most important stage at which ideas begin to be realized. A team of professional designers offers the client visualization of the concept, and also studies usability. Great experience, own experience and modern design solutions are what the client receives at the design development stage.
  2. Approval of mock-ups. The layout of each page is sent to the customer for approval. As a result of close interaction, it is immediately possible to achieve the desired results.
  3. Layout of layouts. At the stage of layout, the design of the site comes to life. And the necessary visual effects are achieved by the latest methods of layout using JavaScript.


While creating websites in Tashkent, our programmers have accumulated vast experience in working with various CMS. Thanks to this, we select management systems for specific customer needs and implement technical solutions of any complexity. We work with platforms:

WordPress is one of the most popular modern site management systems. Excellent for business card sites and allows you to implement many of the tasks of our customers.

Testing the site

At the testing stage, professional testers completely check the site for errors to make the site work like a clock.

Turnkey ready site

The work on the site is fully completed. The client receives a fully finished, reliable, tested product that meets all of his requirements.

Therefore, very often after the completion of work, our customers return again to order more sites for other areas of their business.

Only here. A unique system for monitoring the process of creating a website

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