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Transportation of huge blades of wind turbines

A new type of special trucks to transport huge blades of wind turbines +
Modern wind turbines that generate electricity, as is known, are often giant structures that are assembled on site. Delivery of the blades of these giants usually entails a lot of difficulties, because until today, except for the huge trawls traveling convoy, there was no other way to transport them.

The usual way to deliver blades on the trawl

Sometimes this process is complicated by the fact that some wind turbines are located in the mountains, where it is impossible to deliver giant spare parts of wind monsters. This problem is known to all transport companies involved in the transportation of oversized cargo. But, while they were thinking about her decision, the Chinese, as always, ahead of everyone, invented a completely new vehicle – special equipment specifically for carrying blades of wind turbines.

There is in China such a district, called Baoding, located 140 km from Beijing. In one of the 3-kilometer mountains of this region, the Chinese decided to build a large wind farm, but transporting giant turbine nodes there was a problem, because the road leading to the mountain is winding and passing through many small villages.

And then one of the leading Chinese truck manufacturers, CIMC (“C & C trucks”), created for these purposes highly specialized cars based on trucks model U480, in which the turbine blades do not fit on the platform, but are inserted, like a spoon into a glass.

Китайские спецгрузовики для перевозки лопастей турбин

Thanks to a special fastening system, such trucks, which in themselves have a length of almost 7 meters and weigh 10 tons, can carry one blade of the wind generator more than 50 meters long and weighing up to 12 tons.

Китайский грузовик U480 для перевозки лопастей ветротурбин

This fastening system has a cunning hydraulics mechanism, providing a massive blade with cushioning during transport. And to travel through populated areas, the device can turn the blade forward or backward, lift almost vertically or lay parallel to the road, thus protecting houses, power lines and trees from collision with it.

Грузовики U480 везут лопасти ветротурбин

To date, this special equipment is already operating in Baoding district, delivering wind turbine nodes to the future fleet. Now these cars are the first, and so far the only ones in the world, for special supplies of large blades for wind generators with it.

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